Application of LED lamp in high-grade automobile

Since the end of the 19th century, the world's first car was born, people have been constantly exploring for automotive lighting, in particular, headlight is always the focus of automotive lamps research, experienced acetylene lighting, incandescent lamp, tungsten halogen lamps, xenon lamp, 1986 Nissan Company in 300ZX-type automotive use of the 72 led as the Central high brake lamp, marking led began to enter the automotive field applications.

As the car's "eyes", headlights need to adopt a more flexible source. These light sources are not only reliable, able to provide the right amount of light under all visual and driving conditions, but also have to perform various functions to cope with changing environmental conditions, including the high temperature of the headlights itself. The emergence of led to conform to product demand, so early people asserted that led headlights will become the market in the light of the mainstream, but now it seems that the newly listed high-end models of LED lamp (combination kick) has become mainstream. Car LED lights are divided into decorative lights and functional lamps two categories. Decorative lamps are mainly used in the interior and exterior beautification, the current multi-matched control circuit realizes the colorful transformation decoration effect. function LED lamp is most suitable for digital meter assembly indicator backlight display, front and rear turn lights, brake lights, profile lights, inverted headlights, fog lights, reading lights. No matter which type, they have no delay, energy saving, longevity, low heat, anti-seismic, high color purity of many advantages, has become tungsten filament, halogen lamp inevitable substitute products. Here are some of the high-end automotive shining LED lights.

First look at a car decoration lamp, Infiniti QX56 lengthened version, LED star Lights is one of the highlights, sitting in the car can see the sky Starlight.