Avoid forklift accident in warehouse,so you need to install a forklift safety light

      We attended the CeMat in Germany in the end of April.Our sample was took by customers who attended this exhibition.In the last day,one customer was comning to us and asked to buy a forklift safety light to have a testing.Becouse there was a forklift accident happended in his warehouse,and they have not install any forklift safety lights in their forklifts.Therefor,if you install a forklift safety light or forklift red zone warning light,maybe It can avoid accidents that should not happen.

       In forklift led lights this field,we are experiened manufacturer.In this exhibition,there was many big company of forklift manufacturer used our forklift safety light to have a showing.If you would like to know more about us or forklift safety lights,pls feel free to contact us with linda@xrlledlight.com,we will reply you soon.