How to accelerate technological innovation in LED market

In recent years, the domestic led industry shuffling tide more fierce, many led enterprises in this competition in the Red Sea fell. Its root cause is mainly attributed to the insufficient performance of technological innovation in LED industry, and the overall innovation level of enterprises is lower. Mainly manifested in high technical content of new products, leading the market development of the core products, "cloning" technology and products are widespread, the industry in promoting technological progress and upgrading the overall development level of the industry to play an active role in the lack of enterprises, enterprises in R & D investment seriously inadequate.

China's led industry technology is relatively advanced, the main products and key technology with the international industry in the advanced level can be consistent, but the process level is backward, in product standardization, machine system design, reliability, manufacturing technology, testing methods and other aspects of the gap with foreign countries. and the current market environment led industry development pattern is also changing major changes.

LED enterprises must have to adjust the strategy, increase innovation. The standard system of LED industry in China has a certain foundation, the standardization of LED products. Both in the standardization of LED products to strengthen the work, but also in the devices, basic materials and other aspects to improve the standardization of LED products and materials, the proposed strengthening of the upstream and downstream industrial chain standardization of cooperation and coordination, while the adoption of relevant standards and learning to promote attention.

Therefore, at present, the core competitiveness of LED enterprises in China has a heavy shoulder. To really improve the competitiveness of our led industry in the global industry, we need to strive and improve from the following aspects: firstly, strengthen publicity, enlarge influence, improve image, improve social cognition; second, improve the technical process level of the product, shape the new connotation of Chinese manufacturing; Thirdly, cultivate a representative enterprise with strong comprehensive strength and scale.

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