How to clarify good manufacturer of Forklift safety lights


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  At the blog on Aug 2, we recommended The key point of blue forklift safety lights is LUX, not Lumen.

  In this article, Let us analyse the feature of professional forklift safety lights manufacturer.

  They must know how the forklift safety lights working, The light mount on the height about 2-2.5meter, and adjust the angle to project a spotbeam on the ground at 5-5.5meter. Do you know why the height is 2-2.5m and distance is 5-5.5meter? The mount height according your forklift height, you cannot change it. The distance 5-5.5meter is the key point. The distance, the father, the reaction time the longer, the better. From this point, the longer the better, but the longer, the light beam is the weaker. Normally,  the forklift speed is about 5KM/h, It is 1.4m/s, 5meter operator have 3seconds as reaction time to avoid the accident, And with HIGH Visibility.

  If one manufacturer always highlight the lumen and power of safety lights, it is NOT good. 

  If you need to know the drawing of mount instruction, please feel free to contact us via winner@xrlledlight.com.

  If you want know what is the key point spec of safety lights, please click the key spec of safety light.  

  Next blog, let us analysis why the poor quality blue spotlight willnot be workable, even be a disaster.