The key point specification to choose blue spotlight

Red and blue light.jpg


   The Blue safety spotlights is common, and there are lots of options on the market, How to choose the spotlights which is really workable, what is the key point of spotlight, you really know it?

  Many customers choose the safety lights conerned how many ra lumens and how many watts the safety lights will be. This is the BIGGEST BLIND SPOTS.

  When the safety lights has been mounted on the forklifts, We want the lights must be crisp and visible, right?

  What spec measure the lights visibility? It is Lux rating. It can be measured by light meter. 

  What is relationship with Lumens? The formula is LUX=LUMEN/m². This is why many customers bought "HIGH LUMEN AND HIGH POWER LIGHT", when mounted on the forklift, the light is not visibility. So they want MORE And MORE HIGHER LUMEN LIGHT. It is misunderstanding.

  Did you know how to choose the Forklift safety spotlights?

  Do you want know how to clarify professional factory of Forklift safety lights?

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