The maintenance method of LED lamp

Check the LED lamp lighting bulb burnout Fault is an extremely rapid and simple work, but the overall system for the maintenance of lamps and lanterns is not so simple. The timely maintenance of outdoor lamps and lanterns is crucial to motorists, which not only affects the comfort of driving, but also directly relates to the safety of driving. It is usually difficult to realize that the headlights, taillights, steering lights or standing headlights are not working properly until the car owners are reminded. Incidentally, the replacement of the burn bulb is very simple, its DIY cost is lower than the maintenance station for the lighting system maintenance fees.

In more cases, the fault of the lamp is not confined to the light bulb burn, outlet rust or plug damage such a small problem, often need to take professional diagnostic technology to analyze the root cause of the failure. Even those low-priced cars, their internal and external lamps are controlled by the main computer. And those luxurious cars, only their headlights are controlled by 3 computers.

If the car is equipped with a day line lamp DRL You must first understand how these devices work. For example, some day line lights are not open until the engine starts, and there are some Japanese light lines, and if the parking brake has not been cancelled, even if the engine has been started, its daily lamp still does not work properly. If the vehicle is equipped with light-control lamp (i.e. when the outside light is dim to a certain extent, the system has the function of automatic opening headlights), may wish to check the light sensitivity from the weakest to the strongest state of the process of the lamp, of course, do not ignore the check automatically shut down timer. If the system is equipped with a timer, set it to a maximum delay.

If the headlight is damaged, a similar luminaire is usually replaced. Some cars are equipped with high-intensity discharge headlights hid, which generates high-density light sources through high-voltage arc discharges from its pre-designed electronic system. Note that ordinary quartz-halogen bulbs cannot be applied here. In addition, to check the front headlights for cracks, because although the surface cracks will not affect the lighting performance of the headlamps, but moisture will penetrate the cracks along the lamps, which will reduce the life of the lamp.

The calibration of the headlights of the headlamps should also be included in the Maintenance project list, because the headlights must be able to provide good front illumination for the driving vehicle to ensure the maximum safety of the driver.

Grasp the key, but also must not forget to test other lights, such as steering lights, license plate lighting, light indication lamp, in headlights, reversing lights and brake lights (including intermediate high-position brake light CHMSL) and so on. In addition, many vehicles will also fog lamps as standard equipment or popular selection, fog lamps are generally installed in the car lower position, so it is extremely susceptible to rock damage, in the maintenance of it, in addition to examining the lighting system itself, the lamp cracks should not be ignored.