Warehouse Safety Tips

  According statistics of OSHA, Warehouse is the most dangerous place. In fact, The warehousing industry has one the highest fatality rates every year. But  the statistics can be drastically reduced by following some simple warehouse safety tips That help safe lives and make wokers more safer.

  Here are some warehouse safety tips should be always keeping in mind:

1)Ensure all workers are properly trained andcertified to operate forklifts and heavy duty equipment.

2)Safety devices should be mounted on the forklifts to warning pedestrian, such as blue forklift safety light, red zone forklift safety lights, Amber beacon and back-up Alarm.

3)Make sure chemicals or other hazardouse substances are stored safely.

4)Provide correctly sized PPE.

5)Know where first-aid kits and supplies are kept.

6)Place warning signs and brightly colored tape.

7)Keep aisles and pathways clear of material and make sure emergency exits are clearly marked.

  Enforcing safety awareness, makes your warehouse is as efficient and productive work environment.

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