What is the high quality forklift safety lights we can rely on

  The blue safety spotlight is common, and there are a variety of options on the market, How to choose the high quality ones that workable, it is very important. In the last blog we recommend if the blue spotlight quality is poor, it is dangerous. Please kindly check the blog.

  1)IP Rate is important, if your forklift will be outdoor used, the IP Rate will be IP67 or IP68. It means the lights is waterproof.


  2)Lux rating. It is the most important, please according your surroundings to choose the blue spotlight.

  Firstly we need to know how many lux in our workplace, please kindly check the following table reference Wikipedia:

Here are some examples of the illuminance provided under various conditions:

Illuminance (lux)Surfaces illuminated by
0.0001Moonless, overcast night sky (starlight)[3]
0.002Moonless clear night sky with airglow[3]
0.05–0.3Full moon on a clear night[4]
3.4Dark limit of civil twilight under a clear sky[5]
20–50Public areas with dark surroundings[6]
50Family living room lights (Australia, 1998)[7]
80Office building hallway/toilet lighting[8][9]
100Very dark overcast day[3]
150Train station platforms[10]
320–500Office lighting[7][11][12][13]
400Sunrise or sunset on a clear day.
1000Overcast day;[3] typical TV studio lighting
10,000–25,000Full daylight (not direct sun)[3]
32,000–100,000Direct sunlight

  So please check the office lighting surroundings, it is about 500lux. If the light workable, the  lux must be higher 60%,  it will be higher 800lux. And the point need 25cm*35cm for 1-3ton forklifts.

  For 3.5-7ton forklifts, The lux must be more than 800lux, and the point will be bigger point (75cm* 90cm) about Eight times bigger than normal light.

  If any question about blue safety spotlight, please feel free to contact us via winner@xrlledlight.com.

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