XRLL Forklift Back Light Led Blue Spotlight Warning Approach Light 10-80 V DC

XRLL LED warning lights improve awareness of pedestrians Industrial plants have forklifts, heavy equipment, personal carriers and overhead cranes busily working with operators of these machines, concentrating mainly on the load being handled and their job at hand. Operators are frequently multitasking and in a hurry to complete their material handling task. Pedestrian workers are also busy doing their job in the same proximity as these material handling machines - major safety hazards in play.

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    XRLL forklift back light led blue spotlight warning approach light

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    LEDs also have a much longer average lifespan, lasting on average anywhere between 30,000 to 50,000 hours of use (compared to just 2,000 hours for HID bulbs). LEDs are quite durable since they operate on an entirely solid state, and they usually are able to handle bumps and jars quite well.

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    Applications: Forklift operations in hazardous locations, warehouses, delivery bays; warning nearby pedestrians or workers of ongoing forklift operations; ease compliance with industrial safety standards and more.


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