XRLL Vehicle Safety Amber Beacon Traffic Strobe Safety Light For Fork-Lift

XRLL This amber LED strobe light beacon can be used for forklifts, snow plows, security golf carts, utility golf carts, roadside assistance trucks, tow trucks, and other industrial and utility vehicles. The LED beacon has 360° visibility. It emits bright amber illumination. A weatherproof polycarbonate lens and ABS base are built to withstand impact with road debris and exposure to wet conditions. The durable LED light operates within a wide 10-110 VDC range for vehicle compatibility.
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    Product Details

    XRLL vehicle safety amber beacon traffic Strobe Safety Light for Fork-Lift 10-110V DC


    Power:9W 0.3w for each,3pcs*0.3w

    Voltage:10-110V DC
    PC Color:Amber,clear,blue
    warning buzzer optional
    Cover color:Amber,clear,blue
    Working temperature:-30~+65°C


    1.Aluminium alloy base/Plastic base and PC lens 
    2.Long life warranty 
    3.Meets IP56 international protection standards 
    4.Silicone drive rotator provides quiet 
    5.DIN-mount base models enable speedy transfer or replacement of beacons
    Tough and durable. 
    6.Long life warranty :12 months
    7.Meets IP56 international protection standards 
    8.Silicone drive rotator provides quiet 
    9.DIN-mount base models enable speedy transfer or replacement of beacons

    Tough and durable. 
    We can make the production according to your request. If you want the the most bright, you can choice power LED.
    Model LED strobe light 
    Working voltage 12V - 100V
    Color amber,yellow,red ,blue
    Easy installation, good sealing performance, waterproof and anti- dust, good products materials, anti-collision and anti-shock
    High brightness, energy saving, long life
    Play a significant role in warning the rain, fog and dangerous state and protect your safety and your car

    1.LED strobe lights are widely applied to car inspection lighting, emergency lighting, Garage lighting, Construction site lighting, fire station lighting, private outdoor auto repair lighting,trucks, cars, ships, and other different vehicles etc.

    2.According to the different sizes and watts of LED lights, they can be applied to achieve the illumination for various needs:

    3.Engineering vehicles: Excavator, dozer, road roller, bulldozer, crane, mining truck, etc.

    4.Specialty vehicles: Fire truck, police car, rescue vehicle, communication vehicle, military command vehicle, etc.

    5.Offroad vehicles: SUV, ATV, truck, Fork lift, train, boat, bus, tanks, etc.

    6.Agricultural machines.

    7.Construction sites.

    8.Heavy duty machines.

    9.Outdoor activities 

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