XRLL Cheap Price LED Blue Spot Light Forklift Point Light 12W 10-80V DC

XRLL Advanced: 40% of all forklift accidents involve a pedestrian. Ensure pedestrians stay a safe distance away from the lift truck with the Blue forklift LED Warning Light. It emits a point beam on the floor to keep pedestrians away preventing foot injury or collisions from rear end swing. The Blue Light combined with the Red-Zone offers a complete pedestrian warning system for your warehouse.

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    XRLL Cheap price LED Blue Spot Light  Forklift Point Light 12W 10-80V DC


    Features:Blue Point Light

    Provides visual warning for pedestrians to promote greater safety

    Bright blue point beam projects pattern clearly onto the ground

    Universal Mount

    Mounts to front, back, or both ends of a vehicle

    2 LED lights with powerful beam per unit are long lasting

    Multi-voltage capable from 10V - 80V. Uses vehicle power to operate. Light runs anytime forklift is turned on - no one has to remember to activate it


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