Red Forklift Laser Guide System

"Maximum safety" in warehouse – that was a topmost requirement of a customer and the reason why us was looking for a laser positioning solution for the Forklifts.Thus, a laser-based control of the fork position should give visual aid to the truck drivers when picking up the loads.
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    Red Forklift Laser Guide System

    Laser guides the driver safely to the destination

    The positioning laser lamp is mounted on the fork carriage between the fork arms and projects a horizontal red laser line, which is visible on the forks and the load carrier. The laser line thus serves as a visual reference for the driver to precisely position the fork arms at the target height. This avoids unnecessary maneuvering and the risk of the driver bumping into the load carrier and possibly damaging goods.


    Increased safety for staff and goods

    To the driver, a laser-assisted control of the fork position provides enhanced safety and relieves him in the everyday logistics operation. From the perspective of the storage manager, this means that damage to the goods can be avoided. Moreover, processes can be accelerated. In conclusion, the reduction of time, costs and risks contributes to improving the overall efficiency.


    Robust laser technology, suitable for warehouse operations

    The robust line laser technology offers many benefits for harsh warehouse environments. so the laser can be set to specific customer requirements, e.g. fork length, during installation in high-bay warehouses.

    Spec infomation:

    Type Red Laser   alignment system
    Power SourceRechargeable   battery
    Full Recharge time8hours
    Use time per recharge50hours
    Laser wavelength650mm   (red)
    Laser power200mw
    Laser safety classClass   III B
    Working temperature -20C~70C
    Warranty12   months
    Waterproof gradeIPX4
    Lifespan30000   H
    ApllicationMobile   Equipment

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    Welcome to wholesale the quality and safe red forklift laser guide system with our factory. We are a professional and experienced automotive lighting manufacturer. We will also satisfy all of your customized requirements.
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