XRLL Forklift Blue Arrow Safety Light LED

XRLL The Forklift Arrow Blue Light projects a large, bright arrow on the ground up to 20 feet away in front or back of the forklift. Alerting pedestrians of not only a nearby forklift but also the direction of travel the forklift is moving. We’ve found this technology to be very useful around blind corners and trailers.


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    XRLL Forklift Blue Arrow Safety Light LED

    The "LED Forklift Warning Light" alerts people and other forklifts of its whereabouts. The "Blue Spot Warning Light" projects an intense blue spotlight that is projected 16 to 24 feet in front and behind the forklift making all people aware. This safety light is designed to protect operators and people working in large warehouses.


    Forklift Blue Arrow Safety Light LED(Arrow or Point Optional)

    POWER2pcs*3W CREE LEDs
    VOLTAGE10-80v DC
    MATERIALDiecast aluminum housing

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