XRLL Pedestrian Blue Spot Light For Forklifts Safety 12v 80v

The Blue Spot Warning Light alerts pedestrians and other vehicles of forklifts approaching blind corners, cross aisles and exiting semi trailers. The Blue Spot LED light projects an intense blue spotlight 4.5m to 5.5m in advance of the forklift to alert others of oncoming collision traffic. The blue spotlight can be installed on the front and/or back of any forklift or any piece of industrial equipment. Blue or red spotlight represent a new way of thinking about visual safety devices.Traditional visual warning devices (ex. strobes) are most effective when a pedestrian is able to see the fork lift coming. If they are not paying close attention or there is a blind corner present, the traditional visual warning device really doesn’t contribute much to preventing an accident. The BLUE or Red spotlight don’t rely at all on pedestrians being able to see the fork lift. Instead, they project a bright, highly concentrated beam pattern on the ground in the direction that the fork lift is moving. We use red and blue because studies have shown that they are two of the most noticeable colors to the human eye. Specifications: [LED] 2PCS Cree high power LEDs Voltage: 10~80V DC Color: Blue or Red Life Time:>30000 Hours Working Temperature: -45 ~85°C Light Resource: HIGH POWER LED Size:142*90*90mm
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