XRLL Forklift Laser Led Warning Light Keep Out Red Zone Light E-MARK Certificated

The purpose of the danger zone light is to ensure pedestrians stay a safe distance away from the forklift. The danger zone light projects a bright red or blue line on the oor to keep pedestrians away. This zone can be adjusted to the distance of your choice. This helps prevent foot injuries and collisions from rear end swing, as well as, showing a NO GO ZONE around any piece of materials handling equipment. This product is available in multiple voltages and is available in either Blue or Red.

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    XRLL forklift laser led warning light keep out red zone light E-MARK Certificated


    Product Features:   

    1.Wide operating voltage range: It can apply to different types of trucks, cars, and other vehicles

    2.High intensity CREE LED chips;

    3.Lamp body is faster radiating than aluminum,high temperature resistance,beautiful exterior;

    4.Lamp cover adopted imported pmma technology,good vitreousness,anti high/low temperature burs;

    5.Lamp reflector used optical reflectivity projector lens,long reflect distance;

    6.Fix device from Japanese airlines tighten technology,stainless steel,shakeproof,rustproof,water proof;

    7.Energy saving,high brightness,long lifespan,adopted japanese encapsulation technology;

    8.Universal for 9V-32V power sources;

    9.Life Span: more than ordinary led bulbs, more than 30000 hours;

    10.Excellent water-proof and shock-resistant aluminum housing;

    11.Dazzle soft light;

    12.Work in rain and difficult operation conditions;

    13.Easy to wire up, install and adjust.



    Product Applications                                                                        

    1).LED work lights are widely applied to trucks, cars, ships, and other different vehicles...

    2).According to the different sizes and watts of LED lights, they can be applied to achieve the illumination for various needs:

    3).Engineering vehicles: Excavator, dozer, road roller, bulldozer, crane, mining truck, etc.

    Specialty vehicles: Fire truck, police car, rescue vehicle, communication vehicle, military command vehicle, etc.

    4).Offroad vehicles: SUV, ATV, truck, Fork lift, train, boat, bus, tanks, etc.

    5).Agricultural machines.

    6).Construction sites.

    7).Heavy duty machines.

    8).Outdoor activities  


    1. How to place an order for your products?

    Buyers need to send required product details via e-mail. Then a reasonable quotation as request would be provided.


    2. We' d like to know the supply ability of your company.

    Our company have 4 advanced production lines with a monthly production capacity 30000 units, it can Quickly adapt to changes in your order quantity. Usually samples will be sent in 3-5 days, official orders will be sent in 7-15 days.


    3. What can you do to help me control stock level?

    A)  We are using the efficient packaging for our products to save space.

    B)  We can recommend you the hot selling items at your market for your reference.

    C)  We will keep a stock for our regular customer to save the delivery time.

    D)  We can do drop-shipping for our customer.


    4. What is the packaging for your products?

    Each product with a White box, and we can also do OEM/ODM for you.


    5. What kind of warranty you offer?

    All of our products provided 12 months warranty.

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