XRL-Led Forklift Light Red Zone Warning Line Light With 10 - 80V DC

LIGHT SOURCE :High-power Osram LED 6pcs*3w.Casting Aluminum Alloy Housing,the suitable design for heating elimination. OPERATING COLTAGE :10-80v DC,spot beam safety light for forklifts or any industrial equipment and moving equipment REVERSE POLARITY PROTECTED :Double insulated silicon rubberzed wire, can bear very loe&high temperature WORKING ENVIRONMENT :-40°-80°. Long life.lamps and lanterns can work reliably in bad environment. SAFETY DEVICE: alerts pedestrians and other vehicles of forklifts approaching blind corners and exiting semi trailers

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    Led Forklift Light Red Zone Warning Line Light With 10 - 80V DC


    Light source: High-power Osram LED 6Pcs*3w
    Operating Voltage:10-80V DC
    Led power:18W
    Reverse polarity protected
    Double insulated silicon rubberized wire, can bear very low&high tmperature
    Material:aluminium die-cast housing ,PC cover,stanless steel bracket
    Working environment:-40°-80°
    Optional beam:line beam


    Please note that:
    if you operating forklift, Shared with workers and the pedestrian space
    keep warning for staff to also can let workers keep a safe distance with forklift, reduce the potential for catastrophic accidents
    sometimes fatal harm.Vehicle warning lights method helps to prevent dangerous collision
    forklift truck or other vehicle movement, slide a bright light on the floor, let pedestrians know forklift near
    for forklift truck around the workers and the aisle people this is a huge security benefits.When the light mobile can remind the workers on the floor
    they know the vehicle on the road, according to the pedestrian light also can understand the vehicle is stationary or mobile.  


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