XRLL Red Zone Danger Area Warning Light. Warehouse Forklift Safety Halo System

XRLL Improve safety around forklifts and other machinery by illuminating the line pedestrians need to stay behind when approaching the sides. Research shows that pedestrians being crushed or struck by forklifts makes up 36% of all forklift accidents. The Red-Zone LED warning light helps lower the chances of workers getting hit by the rear end swing of a turning lift or their feet getting ran over, as well as providing a safe zone around other equipment like scissor lifts. Installation is simple with all necessary hardware included with the light to set a safe perimeter for any size machine. Red-Zone LED warning light comes with a lifetime warranty and 50,000 hour life expectancy.
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    XRLL 10-80V DC Red Zone Danger Area Warning Light. Warehouse Forklift Safety Halo System 



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    Why use the led forklift light?


    Industrial plants have forklifts, heavy equipment, personal carriers and overhead cranes busily working with operators of these machines, concentrating mainly on the load being handled and their job at hand. Operators are frequently multitasking and in a hurry to complete their material handling task. Pedestrian workers are also busy doing their job in the same proximity as these material handling machines - major safety hazards in play. 



     Can I get samples?


    Yes, we offer samples to distributors and wholesalers, however customers should bear sample fee and freight. We DO NOT offer free samples to end users.


    What Type of forklifts can the Red Zone be used on?

    The Red Zone lights were designed for any forklift used primarily indoors. They can be used on any type of forklift including sit downs, stand ups, tuggers and more. The Red Zone light can be used on fuel, gas and electric forklifts etc. While the Red Zone lights are weatherproof and can be taken outside, they are not bright enough to be effective outside on sunny days. They will be more effective outside during dust, dawn and night times. The Red Zone Light can be combined with other warning lights on your machine.


    Audible beeping alarms are fine and have been used successfully for many decades.  However audible alarms are frequently "drowned out" and ignored as workers get used to the sound especially in loud industrial settings. Today there is also more widespread use of worker ear plugs mandated by corporate safety to protect the worker. This problem with audible alarms is exacerbated when there are multiple lifts and cranes working simultaneously in the same area. 

    An audible beeping reverse alarm serves more as a general caution to employees working in the area, however this still requires workers to identify the hazard and assess whether its proximity is dangerous. Unlike an audible "beep"- the actual movement of a light on the floor from a forklift or overhead crane provides a definitive warning to affected pedestrian employees - those in the immediate danger area. 

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