XRLL Mini Forklift Red Zone Stripe Zone Warning Light

XRLL Red Zone lights were designed for any forklift used primarily indoors. They can be used on any type of forklift including sit downs, stand ups, tuggers and more. If you will be using them on man up forklifts, like order pickers and turret trucks, buy one set to try first before ordering for your fleet to ensure they will work at your heights and in your specific application.

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    XRLL Mini Forklift Red Zone Stripe Zone Warning Light

    Iteam NOXRL1081L Forklift led red zone light
    Votalge10-80v DC
    ColorRed or Blue
    MaterialDiecast Aluminum Housing
    Waterproof rateIP67
    CertificatedISO9001,RoHS,CE,Patent Cetification
    BeamLine Beam



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    The Red Zone lights can be used on any fuel type including, but not limited to propane, gas, diesel, natural gas, electric, etc. While the Red Zone lights are weatherproof and can be taken outside, they are not bright enough to be effective outside on sunny days. They will be more effective outside during dusk, dawn or night times.

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