12W LED Forklift Blue Spot Safety Light

Over the past few decades, there have been many methods of forklift warning devices and safety systems. These have included things like strobe lights, alarms, and backup cameras, along with many others. Still, all of these devices have left something to be desired. Even with all these technological advancements, there were still way too many workplace accidents happening at work-sites across the country. That’s why the forklift blue spot light was invented.


Forklift blue safety lights work by casting a bright blue light onto the ground in front of or behind the forklift while it is in operation. It’s a simple concept, but also a highly effective one. The lights allow forklift operators to see where other forklifts are operating, even around corners and in tight spaces with less than ideal visibility. Observing the light will tell the operator where the other driver is coming from, where they’re headed, how far away they are, and how fast they are going so that they have all the information that they need to make safe decisions.