Proper Blue Safety Light Mounting And Installation

How Install The Blue Spot Light?

To optimize safety, operators choosing to mount lights both on the front and back of their vehicles should choose one color of light for the front (say, blue) and one for the back (say, red) and be consistent across all equipment. This will allow everyone to easily distinguish which end of the forklift is heading toward them. It is not recommended to mount the lights outside the “running lines”, as they could be easily damaged, smashed, or even knocked off of the forklift during normal operations.


To get the most out of your new forklift safety lights, you’ll want the light to shine on the ground as far in front of the forklift as possible while still producing a strong, bright spotlight on the floor. Our recommendation is to have the light pointed at the ground a minimum distance of 15 feet in front of the forklift. A distance any smaller than this simply does not give pedestrians adequate time to react to the warning and get out of the way of the oncoming hazard. 


One thing to be aware of also when seeking a quality product is that that low advertised price may not be what you actually end up paying. In many cases, the cheaper forklift safety lights come with the light only- no wiring material, no mounting brackets. You would have to fabricate those yourself at an additional cost, when you could have bought a slightly more expensive, better quality light with all of those things already included. Think twice about taking your fleet into a forklift dealer to have them outfitted with the lights that you buy, as well. Many dealers drastically overcharge for such a simple procedure. Instead, have a dealer install only the first light while your maintenance team looks on and sees how it’s done, then they should be able to mount and install the rest of the lights in a matter of minutes.