The Production Technology Of LED Lamp Strip

Because the LED light belt is a series-parallel structure, so when a set of circuits in a short-circuit situation occurs, it will lead to the same group of other led voltage rises, led brightness will increase, the corresponding calorific value will also rise. The most obvious is in the 5050 lamp band inside, 5050 lamp in one of the chip circuits with any short-circuit, will cause short-circuit the lamp bead current rises One times, that is 20mA to 40mA, lamp bead brightness will become very bright, but also the calorific value will soar, serious will burn the circuit board in a few minutes time. But this problem because of the more obscure, generally not too much to notice, because the short-circuit does not affect the light of the normal glow, if the test staff is only concerned that the LED is luminous, but not to check the brightness of the abnormal, or do not do the appearance of inspection, only to do electrical testing, often ignore this problem, which is why many led lamp manufacturers always encounter customers complain that product fever but find out why.