Why Choose The Red Zone Forklift Danger Area Warning Light?

Why choose the Red Zone Forklift Danger Area Warning Light?

The Red Zone forklift warning light emits a red beam on the floor to keep pedestrians away preventing foot injury or collisions from rear end swing. The Red Zone light combined with front and rear blue lights offer a complete pedestrian warning system for your forklift and your warehouse.Pls check below picture.

What is the purpose of the Red Zone Danger Area Warning Light?

To prevent accidents involving pedestrians by keeping them a safe distance away from the forklift-operating zone, also known as the Red Zone or HALO zone.

The Red Zone projects a bright red line on the ground to highlight the area pedestrians should avoid. The HALO zone can be adjusted to any preferred safe parameter to prevent unwanted injuries. Highlighting the “NO GO ZONE” around the equipment will reduce work place injuries and help increase safety.

Where can I purchase the Red Zone Danger Area Warning Lights?

This product is distributed in China. through Xinruilai Lighting&Electrical Co.,ltd. Additionally, this product is seen through forklift dealers and safety/industrial supply companies. We offer our product to both end users and resellers.

Red Zone Light Product Specs: